Prompted Poetry

storehouse and stronghold

roots contain distillations

of summer’s sunlight

pondering winter’s deep dreams

renewed wisdom holding fast

Written for Kwinana’s weekly tanka prompt # 53; roots, wisdom


Dancing across night

Unseen daydreams in day’s light

Fireflies, sparks of bliss

A response to T.J.”s weekly Haiku challenge, cue words “dream, dance”.


Thought of this for the June 22nd Carrot Ranch prompt, Dreams. It is from For the Girls.


Now I see you

sometimes in dreams.

The last time, you were a tree

or were trapped in a tree,

that was trapped in a pot.

A stunted, potted balsam fir you were

in that dream.

I wish I’d slept longer.

To be with you was good

to free you would have been better.

I wish that you could

have told me

what to do.

Before awaking I had thought

to bring you to Vermont

maybe plant you there.

Now I think you needed more

more than transplanting

in that dream.

No, if I could sleep on this

I’d not commit you

to any geography, nor to the time

it takes to be a tree.

You wanted to be free;

your breath caught on every needle;

cellular rooms you wandered

through root and stem


I wish I’d slept longer.

I should pull you from that pot

I would give up selfish thoughts;

No transplanting;


I’d release you through fire.

Oh, how balsam crackles and sparks!

Brightly, briefly flashes

vibrant stars then ashen

flutters dark.

And how it breaks my heart

For the Girls

that I awakened too early from that dream

when you appeared to me

as a tree.



only Dawn, sly fox

can steal the full of moon’s light

golden cloud-nests stripped.


Written in response to TJ’s Household Haiku; using the words full and only, and for Haiku Horizons, prompt word steal, with a nod to the flash prompt at Carrot Ranch, prompt word dawn.

adrift in dark sleep

bird sounds recall dawn’s fresh air

lift me into light


Written in response to TJ’s Household Haiku; using the words air and drift.


Sparkling water flows

smoothing boulders, whispering

secrets of rivers.

Universal wisdom swirls

ungrasped by our clenching hands.

#weeklytankachallenge -47  “water & universe” Tanks for the tanka prompts Kiwinana.

Just found this in my files. I wrote it in response to the election.

Enumeration  (electorate math)

I am

one three millionth

as a number

very small.

I am one

of three million.

You are too?

That’s two.

And also she?

That’s three.


there’s three million


like us

three million who

were discounted.

Three million three millionths.

That’s one

big number

whose common denomination

is that we

did not count

in this our own

great nation.

Three million three millionths

rise as one


for any number

divided by one

is that number.

It would not be improper

for all us ones

to rise,

to converge, raise

our voices surge

in our own


And it would not be improbable

to estimate

the discounted

to be innumerable

within this our own great nation.

Rise as one

make whole

the fractures

heal the divisions.

Cancel out hate

in this our own

one world.


Concentric circles

Remembrances recorded

Cellular annals

Growth beheld by rooted seed

Wisdom ringing from center.


Back at Kiwinana’s site, Ramblings of a Writer  for weeklytankachallenge-46.   Take the words “growth & wisdom” and write a tanka poem. 


Oscillating tides

keeping time; moon magic draws

unmoored dreams aloft

adrift afloat approaching

serenity, harmony.


Found #weeklytankachallenge over at Kiwinana’s site, Ramblings of a Writer.  This is for weeklytankachallenge-45.   Take the words “dreams & achieved” and write a tanka poem. English tanka poetry consists of five units, usually with the following pattern of – 5-7-5-7-7 syllables.