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Chicken Shift

Session poetry, to be slammed or sipped. Savory philosophy-lite that will satisfy your questions about chickens that cross roads.  Can be taken as seriously as you deem appropriate. Eggs of wisdom nestled in humor.





6x9_Front_EN newest final cover copy

For the Girls

Best served with or for friends. Some of these poems were inspired by a friend who died of breast cancer as another was diagnosed. Then more were written to reflect on my own experience of diagnosis and treatment.




These books are available at some real fine bookstores

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Available as e-books at lulu.


D. Avery is featured in Serious Flash Fiction, an anthology of twitter flash, one Tweet stories.  Serious Flash Fiction is available through amazon in print or ebook.


Other Publications

D. Avery has also been published by Drabble, Flash Fiction Magazine, The Green Mountain Trading Post,, the Hardwick Gazette and other publications. Her poetry appears on the Poetry Loop of Hardwick Trails.



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