WWP#185; Dire

Dire Wolf

This rude and stupid man, truly fans my ire

Puts his wants foremost, ignoring real concerns so dire

He picks at fiddle, plucks at strings

Laughs while vultures preen their wings

Clings to the sullied torch, spreads his hateful fire

Some few believe these flames are great, flames that burn so cold

Fueled by unfettered hate, history untold.

WWP#172; Endless

wk-172-endless-1 The Weekend Writing Prompt from Sammi this week is to use the word “endless” in an 18 word composition. It’s not a competition but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments at her site.


Endless Embraces

kayak hugs shore

trees hug steep banks

mosses hug rocks

sunset hugs horizon—

Six feet an endless distance.

WWP#169; Miss Ann Thrope

Now I’m just playing. The word from Sammi is misanthrope, the word count 99.


Miss Ann Thrope was misunderstood.

It wasn’t exactly true that Miss Thrope despised humanity. But she did despair of it and found few members of that species tolerable. She preferred the conversations she had with her animals and plants to any she’d ever had with a person.

“People don’t converse,” she said to the robin on the lawn. “They complain, they judge; they don’t listen even as they nod their empty heads at you.”

She laughed as the robin nodded her head.

“It’s true. A good man is hard to find.”

“What? Who’re you?”

“Your new neighbor. Iza Goodman.”

#SixSentenceStory & WWP#169

Impact   by D. Avery

She read about his death in the paper. After twenty years apart she wasn’t notified as a wife would be. After twenty years together she knew that him stepping into the path of a bumper sticker bedecked Subaru was not a random act.

He hadn’t always been a misanthrope and she wasn’t convinced that his time in Viet Nam was entirely to blame for his ongoing issues.

He’d prayed every day for forgiveness for the lives taken and the lives altered and scarred. She wondered, did the activists that’d lined up to spit on returning soldiers lie awake nights?


The Six Sentence Story prompt is “random”. The Weekend Writing prompt is “misanthrope”, in 99 words this week. Thank you Denise and Sammi.six sentence story copy