Story Stitching; #Fandango’sFlashbackFriday

I am taking Fandango up on the idea of reposting something from earlier times. I don’t have anything that was posted on November 25, but found this from the 24th, November 2018. Wow. That was eons ago. I miss Sue Vincent. She was wise, creative, and generous. I was honored to be a guest on her site. I remember this essay came about from conversations at her Daily Echo and from discussions at Carrot Ranch, a site that continues to inspire me. This read requires a couple of clicks, but that’s time travel these days.

Guest Author: D. Avery ~ Story Stitching

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Fiction or non-fiction, we write into the truth. We feel the story and layer the details onto the page. We rework the scraps until they bloom — the quilter, the painter, the metal worker, the writer — we all work in scraps until we have captured the story that speaks our truth.  – Charli Mills

Mountain Cove. Art Quilt by Barbara Williamson

When I was a kid most homes had a sewing machine with a pile of old clothes nearby. Any buttons were removed and saved as a precaution against future losses, the cloth cut and used as patches on our torn jeans. The rags might also be turned into braided rugs or become pieces of a quilt. My quilt was a memory keeper, with prints and material still recognizable and recalled from their former incarnations. Surely the quilter was an artist.

Where I come from most people have in…

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#PicoftheWeek; Once A Year

autumn oblations
loons’ summer plumage offered
to the winter sky

The “Once A Year” square from Maria Antonia‘s #picoftheweek photo challenge bingo sheet refers to the annual migration of loons from their northern lakes to open ocean to the south. Before they go they molt, dotting the lake’s surface with clouds of feathers.

Check out Maria’s  #2022picoftheweek to see how you can participate in this fun prompt.

#99 Word Stories; “I see the light in you”

The October 17, 2022 story challenge from Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch is to: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that references “I see the light in you.” You can use the phrase or demonstrate it in a story. Who is shining and why? Who is observing or reacting? What is the setting? Go where the prompt leads! Submit by October 22, 2022.

An Encounter by D. Avery

She searched her reflection in the bathroom mirror, looked deep into her own eyes. She didn’t like what she saw. Still…

‘Aanii,’ the old woman had said. ‘I see the light in you.’ What a strange way to greet someone, someone you don’t even know.

“I don’t see it,” she said to her reflection, her sad eyes staring darkly back at her. But she couldn’t forget the twinkle in the old woman’s soft gaze.

She had seen a light in her.

That was something.

She put the pills back in the vial, put the vial back in the cabinet.

The last two Carrot Ranch Literary Community prompts, “tea”, then “water”, were great prompts and got great responses. See these collections of 99 word stories HERE and HERE.

#PicoftheWeek; Red or Green

fall torches burn bright
seasonal parades lit up
signals of winter

Since I last responded to Maria Antonia‘s weekly photo challenge she has come out with a new bingo sheet for the remaining three months of this year. I am using the “Red or Green” square for this photo, though the deciduous trees have no choice in the matter. Check out Maria’s  #2022picoftheweek to see how you can participate in this fun prompt.

Saddle Up Saloon: Cowsino October 2022

Kid and Pal host a monthly writing prompt at the Saddle Up Saloon. Try your hand at the Cowsino.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Welcome to the Saddle Up Saloon where we feature interactive characters, real-life authors & poets, the occasional Carrot Ranch announcement, and a Cowsino story game every first Friday of the month. You can learn about the craft of creative writing, introduce your own characters to the Kid & Pal crew, discuss the writer’s journey, and be part of making literary art accessible to anyone.

“Welcome back ta the Cowsino, ever’one. It’s the spot where ya git anuther chance ta practice yer writin chops without leavin the comfort an safety a the Carrot Ranch Literary Community.”

“Thet’s right, Kid. The famous story spine slot machine is in the Cowsino, at the Saddle Up Saloon, jist over the line from Carrot Ranch.”

“Atchally, Pal, I think it’s me an you that’s over the line. The Saddle Up is a part a the ranch, a waterin hole an restin place fer all our…

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#99Word Stories; Floppy As Puppy Ears

The August 15, 2022 story challenge from Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch is to: Write a story that uses the idea or phrase, “floppy as puppy ears.” You can be explicit or implicit with your response. What is floppy and why? It doesn’t have to be about dogs at all. Go where the prompt leads! Submit at Carrot Ranch by August 20, 2022.

Imagining by D. Avery

“I love it here,” she whispered. 

Her imaginary friend smiled in reply. She knew that even though they were away from the house they should still be quiet. But she agreed it was a cozy safe spot.

The moss and needles are so soft and warm in the sun

“Like a puppy’s ears.” But then she got sad remembering the puppy. “I want to stay here forever,” she said.


And why not? The spruce boughs would keep them hidden. But eventually shadows overtook the sun. Her tummy growled. “I’ll be back,” she said.

But she wasn’t so sure.

Be sure to go to Carrot Ranch to read the complete “The One Who left the Dress” collection from last week. And there’s always the Ranch Yarns with Kid and Pal’s responses HERE.

#PicoftheWeek; Starts with S

Here is this week’s response to Maria Antonia‘s weekly photo challenge.

First I saw just the tail, but knew its owner starts with S.

Then I saw its beginning!

In one end and out the other.

Only to head down another tunnel.

Sorry if you are one of those people who do not like snakes, but this was too cool, spying this one slipping silently searching for its supper

Check out Maria’s  #2022picoftheweek to see how you can participate in this fun prompt.