#FridayFictioneers; No Fault

No Fault

Insufferably fair, he hadn’t made the divorce difficult. “We’ll split everything right down the middle.”

She went away with a dog and $12,334.89 of their $24,669.78 savings. She was glad they had two dogs and not one or three.

Flashers on, driving one of their two vehicles— her car— she had led the wide load tractor-trailer that carried her half of the house to their investment lot. His half had the bed; she had the couch and the air mattress.

Later she inflated her mattress, watched it expand and take shape.

She smiled, stretched.

She was beginning to feel whole.

The photo, by Ted Strutz, is the May 7 Friday Fictioneers’ prompt, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Limit 100 words.

#Friday Fictioneers; Emerging

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

Emerging by D. Avery

Even a child knows where babies come from— eggs!

But though even a child knows otherwise, adults taught that there were only two kinds of eggs; boys emerge from blue eggs and girls emerge from pink eggs. When eggs of different shades of pink or blue occurred the adults generalized to declare one or the other.

But the lavender shaded eggs! Were they more blue? Or more pink?

Finally it was realized that pink and blue are a part of lavender; maybe all eggs are shades of lavender!

Finally, all came to realize the color of one’s shell doesn’t matter.

It has been a too long time since I have participated in the Friday Fictioneers photo prompt challenge. But this photo of eggs inspired these 100 words. Thank you Rochelle for hosting and David Stewart for the photo.