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D. Avery

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I live on an island off the coast of Massachusetts with a husband and a cat. I am a teacher of middle school mathematics. I enjoy kayaking, baking sourdough bread, and reading. I sometimes write. People sometimes read what I write. ShiftnShake is a place for you to read some of my writing.


6x9_Front_EN newest final cover copy      

These books are available at some real fine bookstores                                                                 and also at lulu.com and amazon.com.

I am at twitter some: @daveryshiftn

I am a Rough Writer at Carrot Ranch.


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, and reading/commenting on my FF at the Carrot Ranch. That ‘s really great for me because writing any fiction is new for me! I enjoy your FF stories for their humor and the style – that is inimitable! I just skimmed very quickly thru your page on what you’re reading – and plan to return later!
    Thanks again!

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    • Thank YOU for coming by here. I surprised myself with the amount of fiction I have written since discovering Carrot Ranch and then other prompts- the reading reports have ended up being a very small part of my blog, not what I had intended in the beginning. So it’s a short page.
      Thank you for reading! (And commenting)

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