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D. Slayton Avery

ShiftnShake— D. Slayton Avery’s display shelf and workbench for literary art. 

ShiftnShake is both a display shelf and a workbench for my literary art, a place where my work with words can be seen, in the state that it’s in. Shiftnshake is my shop. Here I play with words and give shape to stories and poems. I keep my shop uncluttered and comfortable, but leave my pieces of work out to be found by readers who might shape them further through their reading. I welcome you to look around, to converse. Come in, and if there is something that catches your reader’s ear, or your writer’s eye, let me know.

By 2017, despite having self-published two books of poems, I wasn’t writing very much. Then I discovered the blogosphere, a place to read and write. I opened up shop and have written weekly in response to writing prompts ever since. I’ve had some stories and poems published, many of them germinating from those prompts and taking shape on the bench at ShiftnShake.  A Rough Writer at Carrot Ranch, I try to rein in Kid & Pal, who manage the Saddle Up Saloon. They are just two of the many characters I’m coming to know through the stories they enliven.

I still find writing a difficult thing to sit down and do. I’m too often walking the woods or paddling the ponds of my rural New England, content until a character or story becomes too demanding and insists on being brought to the page. I write again and realize again the eminent satisfaction of sculpting and painting with words.

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Twitter: @daveryshiftn

Contact: shiftnshake@dslayton.com

24 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, and reading/commenting on my FF at the Carrot Ranch. That ‘s really great for me because writing any fiction is new for me! I enjoy your FF stories for their humor and the style – that is inimitable! I just skimmed very quickly thru your page on what you’re reading – and plan to return later!
    Thanks again!

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    • Thank YOU for coming by here. I surprised myself with the amount of fiction I have written since discovering Carrot Ranch and then other prompts- the reading reports have ended up being a very small part of my blog, not what I had intended in the beginning. So it’s a short page.
      Thank you for reading! (And commenting)

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  2. I grew up in Massachusetts and I find myself if you are on Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket, both are beautiful. I like the title of your website especially that subtitle! It resonates with me. I look forward to following you and reading your work.

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    • I’ve revised this page since starting out, but as it turns out I have returned and am in fact wintering as well as summering in LOLAP (Land of Lakes and Ponds, the little drinking village south of Hardwick with the fishing problem).
      I have seen your fine writing too and guessed back then when I was learning this blog thing that you were from Orleans or thereabouts. Maybe I wanted you to be neighbors with Howard Frank, may he rest.


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