#99Word Stories; Abandoned Playground

The March 13, 2023 99-word story challenge from Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch is to: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about a place where children once played. It can be a field, a playground, or any place that attracted children to play. But now it is empty. Abandoned. Go where the prompt leads!

In addition to what I post here for the Carrot Ranch challenges, there’s always the Ranch Yarns with Kid and Pal’s responses HERE.

The Custodian by D. Avery

Brody reread the etched and markered initials, sayings, and symbols like favorite passages from a familiar book. He’d disagreed with the principals who’d called it vandalism, as long as the messages weren’t hurtful. Those he had the child remove, under his constructive supervision. The custodian had always understood the children’s need to leave a mark; he never washed off or painted over their messages and art.

“I was here”.

Where are all you children now? he wondered.

Hopefully gone straight to heaven, reunited with family. The children shouldn’t haunt this place.

Brody’s spirit would watch over the silent playground.

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16 thoughts on “#99Word Stories; Abandoned Playground

  1. Maybe the children shouldn’t haunt the space, but it’s a very haunting piece nonetheless. It raises many questions about the caretaker, the history and the era. Is he haunting the playground?

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  3. Haunting, but in a good way. I think we need spirits like Brody’s to watch over those things that shouldn’t be forgotten. Like the lost playgrounds of children…


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