d’Verse Quadrille #172; Shift

Another Quadrille Monday has come and Shift is the word. Mish is the publican at d’Verse , the pub for poets. As always, the theme and style of your poem is open. Just remember your quadrille should be exactly 44 words, not including the title and include some form of the word “shift”. I was delighted with the word, it’s one I use often and just happens to be the title of a little book I put out some years ago. Visit the pub to link in and to read more shifty poems.

A Shifty Response by D. Avery


Oh, this quadrille should be a gift

for one who authored Chicken Shift

a book of poems some few have read

that fewer still keep by their bed

to read poems both wise and humorous

(forgive me this shifty ploy aimed at poetry consumerists)

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