W3 Prompt #46; Ode to my Handkerchief

Wea’ve Written Weekly

This week’s Poet of the Week for the W3 prompt is Michelle, and Michelle’s prompt guidelines are to “Write an ode to your handkerchief”. Yep. (Go to The Skeptic’s Kaddish to find out more)

Bright Square of Cloth by D. Avery

A verse for your versatility
bright square of cloth carried or worn
with folds and knots you are transformed
you’re top pick for many activities.

When upon my steel horse I ride
around my neck you’re loosely tied
protecting me from wind blast grit
while offering a little glitz.

On farm and in garden, you are there
catching my sweat, containing my hair
I’ve removed you to use you to flag a long load
lumber over the tailgate going down the road.

Things great and small you’ve helped me to carry
one time a loon chick, oft times found berries
a great one for rescues, you hold things together
you’re a layer and shield in all types of weather.

Emergency clean ups, you fit the bill
serving as bandage or wiping up spills
in a pinch, you could, I suppose
be used to catch what falls from the nose.

All-purpose cloth, really can’t knock it
to wear or just keep there in a pocket.
But you remind me of someone no longer here
who wore bright dew-rags after her treatment
Now I reach for you in my bereavement
I dab at my eyes, use you to sop up my tears.

31 thoughts on “W3 Prompt #46; Ode to my Handkerchief

  1. This is a brilliant ode to your hankie Avery. I love the play up of words and the monorhyme. The dynamics of your storytelling is something that’s also worth mentioning, and then you ended it softly, smoothly with the most important use of the hankie- to dry up our tears.

    Well done🌹🌹🌹

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  2. I like it when things are listed out in a piece of writing like this, so logically and well ordered, and I really like how you make full use of your handkerchief. Wiping away sweat is the only thing I use them for anymore, when I’m out on an activity, which is rare these days.

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  3. A handy little square. I have handkerchiefs. some dainty (these are the only ones that are nicely folded), some for other purposes. And always carry one in my bag. And yes, they’re always put to good use. Your poem is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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