W3 Prompt #45; Inanimate

Wea’ve Written Weekly

Here’s a last minute response to the most recent W3 prompt. This week’s Poet of the Week is David benAlexander and David’s prompt guidelines are to “Write a poem from the perspective of an inanimate household object, using personification. (Go to The Skeptic’s Kaddish to find out more)

Well Tempered by D. Avery

I am the meter of your measured days

moon faced within my quarters
weight of time on my rounded shoulders
you look to me when you check your plans
you look to me for a sense of order

Often you glance upon my face
what you see affects your pace 
I cannot move, I run in place

I remain still up on the wall
except for when, in spring and fall
you take me down, you stroke my hands
then put me back, reinstalled 

Inanimate, yes, but with moving parts
I make my rounds but never depart
when the house is still, I’m its beating heart 

I’m analog, a relic sublime
a cosmic model for keeping time
always turning, rain or shine

I am the measure of your metered days

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