#SixSentenceStories; Lounge

Denise, at GirlieontheEdge, venerable hostess of Six Sentence Stories, puts out a prompt word EVERY week. All she asks is that the response is in six sentences, no more no less. And yet, I often fail to appear, as a story often fails to appear. I’m not proud of what I’m presenting this week for the prompt word “lounge”, but I am glad to make an appearance among the Sixarians. Let this serve as proof that Denise is serious when she says you can play along just for fun. Go HERE to link in and read more Sixes.

Dismembering the Prompt by D. Avery


I remember they were in the lounge. 

O, one of them suddenly made a lunge!

E!,  he knifed the other, piercing a lung.

N, he’d seemed a distinguished man of letters, not a lug.

Ug, an ‘ell of a thing— I was quite undone, u know?


Gee, u must long for arrest, perhaps in the lounge?

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