W3 Prompt #42; Puente

Wea’ve Written Weekly

I’m squeaking in late with a response to the most recent W3 prompt. This week’s Poet of the Week is Tanmay Philip and Tanmay would have us write a “Puente” poem (Go to The Skeptic’s Kaddish to find out more) with the middle stanza containing the title of a song— (oh-oh; I was working with a line from a song, not a title) Okay, so my puente does not contain a song title, but a line from Patti Smith’s “Dancing Barefoot“; actually, it includes more of Patti Smith’s words from that song (italicized) Further, it is more than three stanzas long, so may not in fact be a puente, though I really like the idea of a puente. This is what the prompt garnered.

We Sing by D. Avery

Running, flying, dancing barefoot with our sisters
over the sun warmed Earth 
clouds, blue-skied imagination, our wings
In love with the Earth, with each other 
safe with our mothers, we sing that
she is benediction
she is the root connection

~We shut our eyes, we stretch out our arms~

Spring is now summer
and we now the mothers
growing and gathering 
with our daughters marveling 
under a moon washed sky we sing that
she is benediction
she is the root connection

~We shut our eyes, we stretch out our arms~

It is an autumn gathering 
our daughters now mothers pulled in their own directions
and we tend the fire with our sisters 
where we roar and laugh under a moon waning 
we dance and sing that
she is benediction
she is the root connection

~We shut our eyes, we stretch out our arms~

welcome winter unafraid as a tree
We know that we are benediction
and we are the root connection
We see with our hearts
our hearts are open
We are re-creation and we
are blessed among women

Here is a link to the song, one of many covers of “Dancing Barefoot”. Patti Smith is in the audience watching First-Aid Kit sing this Rolling Stone top 500 song of all time. While I prefer the artist’s recording of the song on her album Wave, it seems fitting to show these young women’s rendition of the song written by a rock-n-roll pioneer who has long been a role model for girls and women in many arenas.

20 thoughts on “W3 Prompt #42; Puente

  1. I do not think the number of verses really matter in a puente, as long as there are bridge lines. I could almost hear Patty Smith singing this. The poem conjured up a matriarchal tribe of priestesses in my imagination… a captivating image.


    • I am pleased that you have that image. This is an Everywoman in all her phases poem, and though the song I drew from is about something else, I was inspired by a combination of a number of Patti Smith’s songs and by how she has lived her own life. The last stanza ends with her words that end her song, so it is hard not to hear her voice, but that’s how this poem goes. It took all week to land, so I am glad if it works. Thank you for that intriguing prompt!

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