W3 Prompt #39; Riddle

Wea’ve Written Weekly

The W3 prompt this week, brought to us by the current Poet of the Week, Brandon Ellrich is to compose a riddle or “puzzle” poem. Brandon says: “There are no restrictions on length or rhymeYou can give the answer at the end of your poem, or to make it a little more fun, allow readers to try to guess the answer. You can also provide the answer within your poem. Have fun!” Go to The Skeptic’s Kaddish to link up and to read the other poets’ work.

Ode To My __________ by D. Avery

a friendship forged with you contained
but if you run wild nothing remains
you are hard to handle, hard to hold

you demand that I feed you, show you some care
and give you your space, give you some air
I know if you go out, I’ll be left cold

you cannot be smothered, if you’re to last
yet I must damp you so you don’t go too fast
I keep you in your place, keep you controlled

so I tend you and you bring warmth to cold nights
in winter’s darkness you are a bright burning light
a friendship forged, we’re both consoled

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