W3 Prompt #38; Befriending the Bots

Wea’ve Written Weekly

The W3 prompt this week, brought to us by the current Poet of the Week, Denise DeVries, is: Using some type of computer aid, write the first line of a poem. Then, follow it with between two and 18 of your own lines. You may use one of the links below or another site you like. Tell us which tool you chose.

  1. Random Word Generator
  2. Word Contraction Generator
  3. Poem Generator

Fairly new to the W3 prompt, I’ve enjoyed the friendly baton passing for the prompt and the fresh and unique criteria for each week’s prompt. I tried the suggested sites above and did not like anything about them. It is not for me, and I thank Denise for pushing me to try something new. The tool I ended up using was spam. I took a subject line from a spam email and went from there. I don’t know if that counts, and I am not sure about the result, but I’ve written. Go to The Skeptic’s Kaddish to link up and to read the other poets’ work.

Degenerative by D. Avery

your window might be finalizing to prevent yourself from catastrophic influences

this is what they said and you don’t know them but this is what you read

and involuntarily you shuddered and instinctively you shuttered

to protect yourself, to prevent your finalizing windows from shattering

because somewhere sometime someone pushed a button

unlatched a lid and now something knocks and scratches to come in

they coax and coo, say they’re looking out for you

but their language is a metallic can ringed with toxic waste

a sticky paste of catastrophic influences searching, seeking

and you berate yourself for peeking through the decomposing curtain

but you just had to see if true art still grew

you knew the final door open to catastrophe would be fear and apathy.

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