W3 Prompt #36; Poverty(2) & Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

In Passing by D. Avery

Maybe poverty is about 
living in a dirty place 

and some will say the poverty is in people not caring enough

to put their trash in a barrel;
to clean up,
show some self-respect

and few will say the poverty is in people not caring enough

to share Earth's resources
to look at the world as their own yard

or they’ll say it
in passing 
as they continue with their busy lives.

This is a second post in response to this week’s W3 prompt brought to us by the current Poet of the Week, Murisopsis. They would have us write about poverty in any poetic form, in exactly 14 lines. Go to The Skeptic’s Kaddish to link up and to read the other poets’ work. I worked with American Sentences or really, a run-on sentence with line breaks but yep, 17 syllables per stanza. At 74 words it fits that criteria for Friday Fictioneers , but as it is not fiction in story form I won’t link in there but do need to admit that the photo, by Roger Bultot, gave this poem a boost.

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