#SixSentenceStories; Range

The word from Denise at GirlieontheEdge is “range” to be used in six sentences exactly. This Six Sentence Story began here two weeks ago with Verge. I followed “On the Verge” with two 99-word stories (Walking the Line) and then again with another pair of 99-word stories the following week. (Balancing Acts). I’m not sure I want to pursue this or the direction it takes here, but I do know this is all I have for SSS right now and am grateful to these characters for showing up to play.

What’s Cooking? by D. Avery

“You sure are at home on the range,” Bob remarked to Daddy.

“Hate to correct you, Boss, but this isn’t a range, it’s a griddle, and right beside it is a grill, and since Katie claims this is all a circus, I guess that makes me a grease monkey.”

 “Not my circus, not my monkey,” Katie the waitress chimed, but she smiled as she said it. “Coming through,” she warned as she squeezed by Daddy carrying a stack of plates behind the counter, “Doing the diner dance.”

“Let’s go somewhere tonight where there’s more room for us to dance.”

Bob laughed, said he’d never seen Katie speechless before, said he hoped Daddy wasn’t cooking up trouble just when things were going so well.

39 thoughts on “#SixSentenceStories; Range

  1. What fun these prompt-word writing ‘hops are!

    …and, as you’ve said on a number of occasions, sometimes it’s all about the characters wanting their stories told.


    (Full Disclosure: I read back, up through the links provided and while doing so provided a greater depth to the characters and the plot, I enjoyed as much, the discussion (in Comment/Reply) about both the story and the craft. These little story(s) and scenes are enjoyable to read, satisfying to write and, even, educational, if one were to ask, “How did she create that effect/why do the characters make us want to know more?‘)

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