Story Stitching; #Fandango’sFlashbackFriday

I am taking Fandango up on the idea of reposting something from earlier times. I don’t have anything that was posted on November 25, but found this from the 24th, November 2018. Wow. That was eons ago. I miss Sue Vincent. She was wise, creative, and generous. I was honored to be a guest on her site. I remember this essay came about from conversations at her Daily Echo and from discussions at Carrot Ranch, a site that continues to inspire me. This read requires a couple of clicks, but that’s time travel these days.

Guest Author: D. Avery ~ Story Stitching

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Fiction or non-fiction, we write into the truth. We feel the story and layer the details onto the page. We rework the scraps until they bloom — the quilter, the painter, the metal worker, the writer — we all work in scraps until we have captured the story that speaks our truth.  – Charli Mills

Mountain Cove. Art Quilt by Barbara Williamson

When I was a kid most homes had a sewing machine with a pile of old clothes nearby. Any buttons were removed and saved as a precaution against future losses, the cloth cut and used as patches on our torn jeans. The rags might also be turned into braided rugs or become pieces of a quilt. My quilt was a memory keeper, with prints and material still recognizable and recalled from their former incarnations. Surely the quilter was an artist.

Where I come from most people have in…

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