#SixSentenceStories; Verge

A Six Sentence Story is a story told in six sentences, no more, no less. This weekly writing challenge is hosted by Denise at GirlieOntheEdge. The current challenge word is “verge”. The linkup is open through Saturday. Go there to leave six sentences and to read the work of the other Sixarians.

On the Verge by D. Avery

I didn’t bother asking Daddy if he thought we might get a room, or even if we would be eating today; I knew the answer would be, ‘Not now, Peanut, I’m on the verge’ but he never said if it was the verge of winning big or losing big and his face never gave anything away, he always wore the same perplexed smile at either outcome.

The verge could last for hours, his fortune going up and down like that carousel horse I rode once, with Daddy seeming both near and distant and I would lean in close then, listening to his tactics and theories for beating the glaring gluttonous machines at their game, not sure if he was teaching me or just talking to himself as he constantly strategized to keep his ride going, switching machines, switching bets, trying to build his total way up before cashing out and I would know if he’d spring for a hotel room or if we’d be sleeping in the car again.

This night he was down more than he was up and I was wondering if it had gotten cold out since we parked the car, when a man came over and watched Daddy play, standing too close and holding a wad of cash right out in his hand, which Daddy always says is asking for trouble.

I couldn’t hear what the man said to Daddy, but they looked at me, then the cash, and then Daddy pulled me away fast with an expression I had never seen before.  

He cashed out before we left, muttering that it was barely gas money so the cashier said ‘Better luck next time’, but Daddy informed him that there was not going to be a next time.

And we haven’t been to a casino since, but all Daddy will say is that he’d seen how much he had to lose and would never gamble again.

33 thoughts on “#SixSentenceStories; Verge

  1. I agree with the others, powerful Six.

    (funny thing, the mind, when I read “…up and down like that carousel horse I rode once. I could a quick flashback to a childhood Oak Bluffs. Funny thing, the mind of the Reader.

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