#99Word Stories; Squeak

The November 7, 2022 story challenge from Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch is to: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes something squeaky. What is squeaky and why? How does it move the story or disrupt a character? Listen, write, and go where the prompt leads!  I’m squeaking in late with this response that continues these 99 word stories.

Long Silences by D. Avery

The red convertible sat quiet in the driveway, the top still up.

On the return trip home, he’d told stories from their shared past; sometimes ones she’d forgotten or some appended with an insight she hadn’t considered before. Talking wore him out so his narratives would be followed by long silences, though silence had its own percussions; his raspy inhalations punctuated by the squeak of the portable oxygen tank.

She hadn’t told any stories, didn’t talk over his whistling breathing, even though the sound grated on her.

Now she was surprised at how haunted she felt by its absence.

Be sure to go to Carrot Ranch to read the complete “Wheels keep On Turning” collection from last week and the “Bones” collection from the week before that. And there’s always the Ranch Yarns with Kid and Pal’s responses HERE.

12 thoughts on “#99Word Stories; Squeak

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  2. I can imagine this scene clearly. My MIL had a small oxygen tank…
    And after awhile she didn’t want to talk all that much…
    I didn’t really get to know her until much later… and now her stories the few she told me are treasures.


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