#SixSentenceStories; Band

It’s time once again for a Six Sentence Story. I apologize for the following, I won’t duet again, but this is the story that came to me for the prompt word “band”. Thank you Denise at GirlieOntheEdge for hosting SixSentenceStories. Post your own HERE or just go there to read more Sixes.

Keeping Time by D. Avery

When Four-fingered Freida told Five-fingered Joe she wanted to join his five-piece band, Joe laughed and said, ‘What for, we’ve already got five five-fingered five-string pickers. Not to pick on you’, he remarked offhandedly, ‘but you’ve only got four fingers and a four-string’, for Joe’s band was a banjo band, five-string only.

Frieda, a chick with a lot of pluck, didn’t fret, and sure enough, she bumped into a guitarist. ‘Sorry’, he said, ‘I’m all thumbs’, and while that wasn’t exactly true, he did have an extra on each hand, which Freida didn’t find at all odd, and she told him how she came to be missing a thumb.

‘It’s the result of a digital error with a bandsaw.’

Six-string Sol didn’t mind, and in fact these two, picking and strumming, made beautiful music together, and that’s what counts.

25 thoughts on “#SixSentenceStories; Band

  1. You had fun with that, didn’t you? It shows and made me laugh.
    ‘Frieda, a chick with a lot of pluck, didn’t fret, and sure enough, she bumped into a guitarist.’ Such word play! And a happy ending to boot! Wonderful.

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  2. lol
    I’m with the others, what a fun Six. To read, to look at… to count the (whatever the cool word for repeated first letter words).
    (Kinda felt, reading it the second time, like the food fight scene in Animal House. excellent)

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