#99Word Stories; Swimmingly

The September 5, 2022 story challenge from Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch is to: Write a story using the word, “swimmingly”, which means “smoothly or satisfactorily”. What is the situation? Who is involved? Let the word take you into a story. Go where the prompt leads! Submit at Carrot Ranch by September 10, 2022.

This prompt led me back to last week’s challenge.

Road Trip by D. Avery

“How did we get here?”

“In this shiny new red convertible.”

“I mean Here. This.” He indicated his oxygen tank, his medical bag, swept his hand through his thin gray hair.

“Oh. The aging thing. I’ve no idea. I remember signing a contract with a young handsome man… something about in sickness and in health. It’s gone swimmingly.”

“Yes. Gone. Swimmingly… up Shit’s Creek. Next stop, Death.”

“That’s grim.”

“What do you expect?”

“I expect you to paddle!”

Eyes on the road, blinking back tears, she clutched the wheel of the red convertible, her emotions tangling in the wind.

Be sure to go to Carrot Ranch to read the complete “Red Convertible” collection from last week. And there’s always the Ranch Yarns with Kid and Pal’s responses HERE.

27 thoughts on “#99Word Stories; Swimmingly

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  3. At least your couple is together. I’ve been reading about some odd relationships – long distance ones, seperate houses, seperate bedrooms. Still that way for some and they make it work.

    I can’t even imagine seperate beds in the same room – though that’s how it was, might still be in some places.

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