#TankaTuesday 286; #ThemePrompt

August leaves, hoarse voiced

cool nights they shiver and cough

don their colored robes

The theme from Sarah, via Colleen Chesebro’s wordcraftpoetry.com , is to write a syllabic poem that includes a lesson from nature. I may have missed the mark, unless the lesson is simply to put on a sweater and accept the changing seasons.

18 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday 286; #ThemePrompt

  1. I love that “hoarse voiced” – it is such an apt way of saying how the sounds change as well as the colours.
    Can’t say I’ll be sad to see autumn again. Mind you, right now, we have the perfect temps up in the Montreal area. I wouldn’t mind having this all the time!
    Nicely done 🙂

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