#SixSentenceStories; Beat

Denise, of GirlieontheEdge, is our host for Six Sentence Stories that feature the word “beat“.

This week’s Six Sentence Story follows a recent Carrot Ranch flash that was perhaps too ambiguous. So here is a next scene in six sentences, and 99 words just for fun.

Imagining More by D. Avery

After looking over her shoulder, she lifted the spruce bough and ducked into the secret glade.

You did come back, her imaginary friend exclaimed, and in the dark too. Tell me all about the big scrumptious dinner you had.

“There wasn’t anything left, my brothers beat me to it.”

Wincing as she unrolled the blanket she’d brought with her, she announced that she was never going back there.

I can’t imagine how we’ll feed you, but we’ll think of something tomorrow, she smiled, happy that for now her friend was safe, peering with her through branches at the stars.

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