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Flash fiction is short fiction, generally anywhere from fifty to fifteen hundred words, but if you come by ShiftnShake regularly you know that I most always write flash fiction of 99 words no more no less, or of six sentences that run between 99 and 500 words, more or less. I am grateful for the Carrot Ranch and Six Sentence Stories prompts and communities, for dragging stories out of me and encouraging my efforts. Occasionally a story that began as a response to these prompts gets another look from me, and even more occasionally, gets looked at for publication. A piece that is now titled “Remembrances” was first written to be a 99-word story, though I do remember having to pare the first draft down quite a bit to get it to 99 words. Minutes before the deadline of a  Flash Fiction Magazine contest, I built that story up again and submitted it.

Though shortlisted, it didn’t win, didn’t even place. And here’s why I like Flash Fiction Magazine : the feedback on the version I submitted to them was thorough, specific, professional, and spot on. They did say that, contest aside, should I be willing to revise what I’d submitted, they’d like to publish the story, so I did, guided by their feedback.

Today is the day that that revised story is published at their site. Yes, I’m hoping you go to Flash Fiction Magazine to read “Remembrances” and leave a comment there, and when you do, look around. They have a Free Book, newsletter, and Free Course  for those interested in learning more about flash fiction. They welcome more readers and writers!     

15 thoughts on “Flash Fiction, Flash Fiction Magazine

  1. . Your name is in print again. What all writers hope to achieve. Your story was timely, poignant, and unfortunately too true. How interesting they critiqued it and asked you to resubmit. What a great way to learn. Congratulations!

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    • You might remember the seed 99 word story from Charli’s “free pie” prompt last March. This is what the 99 word stories are for, they can be grown. Flash Fiction Magazine is always looking for stories, and in my experience, always have helpful suggestions for stories. I think this is my third with them, and each time I was amazed at what they saw and that I missed.
      Thank you Sue!

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  2. Congrats, D. I’ve commented on your piece on their site. I can only endorse your experience with FFM. One of the stories I submitted received lengthy feedback and I was invited to re-submit. Unlike you, the re-write didn’t make the grade with them but I did place it elsewhere not long afterwards. As for ‘just an e-magazine’, Ouch. 🙂

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    • You’re right Doug, I retract that “just”. I am very old and have an antiquated bias for ink on paper. Yet, here we are. This and other e-magazines and our weekly collection at Carrot Ranch give readers and writers easy access to stories and exposure to– readers and writers!
      I appreciate your comments. Yep, a rejection from FFM is still an opportunity and a help. Good for you for sticking by your story and getting it published.

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