#PicoftheWeek; Earth Day

time is an earthen circle
borne upon your runic shell
moon-mapped you return

always to water
taking what you know

For Maria Antonia‘s #picoftheweek photo challenge I am crossing off the “Earth Day” square on the bingo sheet. On April 22, official “Earth Day”, I was in a part of the country that looked as if it was another planet, but even in the southwest turtles were important symbols. Now I am home, enjoying familiar sights and events, such as turtles coming up from the ponds to lay eggs in the soft roadside gravel.

Check out Maria’s  #2022picoftheweek to see how you can participate in this fun challenge using the bingo sheet as a prompt.

15 thoughts on “#PicoftheWeek; Earth Day

      • You have the double portion of creativity I lack 🙂 I’m not a photographer–though I use pictures I take with my tablet for some posts. It’s more fun than searching for free pics on the web like I used to do 🙂 Have a great weekend, my dear!

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