#SixSentenceStories; Key

The word this week from GirlieontheEDGE, our Six Sentence Story hostess, is “key”.

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Consensus Is Key To A Happy Home by D. Avery

“Would you agree that this neighborhood is starting to look rough and perhaps we should begin locking our doors again when we’re away from home, providing we can think of a good place to hide a key?”

“Agreed, but as long as we have an actual dog, please, let’s not try that fake poop hide-a-key thing again.”

“Agreed, that was too tricky, but under the welcome mat is too obvious, practically an invitation to trespass.”

“Agreed, but somewhere on our property are at least a half dozen keys that are so well hidden neither one of us has been able to find them.”

“Well, we better find one of them, for it seems we are locked out!”

“Agreed, but would you agree that we might be lost, for now I’m fairly certain this is not our house.”

37 thoughts on “#SixSentenceStories; Key

  1. Finding one’s way home, one step at a time, is key to comfort. But maybe they stop off at a friendly neighbor’s first? (Hope they’re in the right neighbrhood for that!)


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