#99Word Stories; Memorial

The May 30, 2022 story challenge from Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch is to: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story behind a memorial. Is it a structure, plaque, or something else? What does it seek to remind those who view it? Go where the prompt leads!

Remembering by D. Avery    

“Shut that fucking TV off!”

“Swear like that again I’ll shut you off.”

But the bartender pointed the remote and the news was replaced by a baseball game.



Baseball wasn’t much better than the news. She signaled for another drink.

Her son liked baseball. Made the high school team. Dreamed of the majors.

“Stupid kids,” she said.


“The news. Building a memorial.”

“Why not?”

“Doesn’t change a damn thing. Over two decades and nothing’s changed.”

Nothing, she thought, except dozens more parents were suffering like her from relentless grief, of dreams shot down with their children.

Be sure to go to Carrot Ranch to read the complete “Well’s Gone Dry” collection from last week. And there’s always the Ranch Yarns with Kid and Pal’s responses HERE.

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