#SixSentenceStories; Edge

The word this week from GirlieontheEDGE, our Six Sentence Story hostess, is “edge”. I have a lot going on, feeling a little on edge, so am going to cheat. That is, I will not present any new story or poem. I know I’ve gone to edges before for Six Sentence Stories and other prompts;

For this prompt I am going to post Six Sentences that were originally posted as 99 words for Carrot Ranch. Be sure to go to the LINKUP to enter your own Six Sentences and to read and comment on other stories.

Contemplating Edges by D. Avery

Seeking Earth’s edges, pressing on, thrusting ahead, seeking new frontiers, always further on.


Westward expansion told as a flexible line; looping progression across the map page, across the ages, across the ever-changing landscape. Edges reached, breached and surpassed— shoreline, rivers, mountain ranges, seas of grass, more mountain ranges, deserts, rivers, shoreline; compressed, flattened, documented.

Whose country tis of thee?

Edges of encounter; that line of expansion entangling, ensnaring, diminishing, destroying; slicing the multifaceted beauty of each encountered edge, razing cultures, razing ecosystems.

If only edges were navigated as holy spaces of contemplation, opportunities for true expansion, precipitant of Potential.

7 thoughts on “#SixSentenceStories; Edge

  1. And after the physical carnage that you describe so graphically and so potently, D, we moved on to the cultural destruction wreaked by globalisation, with a MacDo, a Starbucks and a Gap in every town in every country on every continent.

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  2. Agree with all of the above*.

    (Never to leave a S&S post without learning something or gaining an ambition…or finding some lick in rhetor…ic (lol) to steal, I like the structure of questions and the rhythm, surely deliberate, they impart to the Reader’s experience.)

    *(If Lilith did and/or does still exist, I would venture to say, she would not be happiest)

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