#PicoftheWeek; On the Horizon

This is a check in. I have been rather absent from blogging and will continue to be, though if possible I may manage a picture each weekend. I have enjoyed this weekly picture sharing, taking inspiration from Maria Antonia‘s bingo sheet for her #picoftheweek photo challenge. I also have noticed there hasn’t been a blue sky in any of mine since early February on a day when I was out snowshoeing under the trees. I did something about it, though the skies here are hazy with blowing dust and smoke from fires. I am presently under blue skies and palm trees and cactus are all around even in the city limits of Tucson. Better pictures to follow, maybe, I never claimed to be a good photographer.

Maria has updated the bingo sheet with 25 new categories for April, May, and June. Check out Maria’s  #2022picoftheweek to see how you can participate in this fun prompt.

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