#PicoftheWeek; Black & White

I had it in mind all week to take a picture of Holsteins for the “Black & White” square for Maria Antonia‘s photo challenge. Before getting to the farm I saw this banner hanging from the deck railing of a cafe and went with this cow and all she stands for. (Though cropped, this is a photo of a banner. If I find out who the artist is, I’ll come back and plug the name in.)

Maria has updated the bingo sheet with 25 new categories for April, May, and June. Check out Maria’s  #2022picoftheweek to see how you can participate in this fun prompt.

5 thoughts on “#PicoftheWeek; Black & White

    • Holsteins have become an icon for dairy and for Vermont, so real ones were to be my subjects for this black and white square. But the banner of the cow with the map of the world on her side against the Ukrainian flag showed up and here we are. These are around, a show of support and call for attention from our little part of the world to another where horrid things are happening.

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