Welcome to the Cowsino!

Seems like Shorty’s re-opened the Saddle Up Saloon! Go over and play with words and hang out with wordsmiths.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

(Shorty carries a California apricot crate to the stage at the Saddle Up Saloon, places it in front of the mic to reach, steps up.)

(Mic check…testing…testing.)

SQUEEEAL (sorry folks that was Curly, not the mic).

(Clears throat…)

“Howdy Ranchers!

“Shorty here to tell ya’ll how much fun it is to play with word wranglers. When some of you first ambled ‘cross the plains to find this here Carrot Ranch, why it weren’t more than a dream in a sandbox. We’ve wrangled 99ers together ever since. Kid and Pal came along and them hands been real steady. What a couple a characters, them two!

“Over winter, staring into the fire to keep warm and hopeful, I thought, why not add another game? One just for fun. No collectin’, no promotin’ just old-fashioned story-tellin’ off the cuff. Course, I responded to my own way of thinkin’ with…

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