#TankaTuesdayWeekly #PoetryChallenge no. 262 #Themeprompt; Transitions

Whittling Time by D. Avery

Winter long



Icicle drips


steadily pick

whittling pathways to spring

Thank you Colleen Chesebro for this weekly syllabic poetry prompt and to Ken Gierke (Rivrvlogr) for picking the theme. The above is a Whitney, a form new to me, brought to my attention by Kerfe in one of her Tanka Tuesday responses HERE.

In my neck of the woods the signs of winter’s transition to spring are fleeting and subtle yet, but each thaw becomes more accomplished, despite the retaliatory snowfalls.

21 thoughts on “#TankaTuesdayWeekly #PoetryChallenge no. 262 #Themeprompt; Transitions

  1. 22 days to spring… some earlier some later, some transitioning into Autumn.
    I like the simple truth of your verse. Yesterday we woke with thick ice weighing down branchs –
    by the afternoon it was warm enough to take a three mile walk. But then it got back down to the 30’s F with chilled winds making my windchime dance with a frenzy.

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