#SixSentenceStories & #99Words; Scribing 49

Wednesday is link day for Six Sentence Stories at host Denise’s GirlieOntheEdge. Below is my Six Sentence response to this week’s prompt word, “scribe”. I also set the story in the California Gold Rush and told it in 99 words in response to the current challenge at Carrot Ranch.

Gold Dust by D. Avery

He pressed the lock of golden hair to his lips before returning it to the small pouch meant for gold nuggets.

That there were no gold nuggets hadn’t mattered. They’d both come to California as much for adventure as to find fortune. Then they found each other, and were soon imagining a future rich in shared plans and dreams.



He paused in his carving, knowing that Lucas’ last name was part of the past he’d renounced back east.

Smiling through his tears, he finished inscribing the wooden cross, giving his own last name to his dear Lucas.

41 thoughts on “#SixSentenceStories & #99Words; Scribing 49

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  2. damn!*

    I liked the story. Engagement, emotional content and simplicity all in a shortnth story. Very cool.
    I also liked what you said to some of the others, how this was not the Six you were expecting on the first keystrokes. Surely that is the fun (and the horror) of writing, especially here in Sixville, where the car we’re careening down the backroads in is over-crowded with our friends.

    * you know, a compliment on a story displaying a level of craft that I can only hope (and keep writing) to attain

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