#PicoftheWeek; My View

A partridge in a birch tree, January 15, 2022.

Looking up from my cozy couch, I saw this partridge (ruffed grouse) feeding on birch cones. It was well below zero (F) on the other side of the window. This week I am using the “My View” square from the #2022picoftheweek bingo sheet created by Maria Antonia . Maria also offers a “Reader’s Edition”: If you’re not really into photography, but you’re a reader, you can also play the reader’s version. Just post a photo of a book you’re reading that has something to do with the prompt. (Eg: For a book about Valentine’s Day, you can check off the “Tickled Pink” prompt.)⁠

2 thoughts on “#PicoftheWeek; My View

    • There’s always somebody up there, usually chickadees and blue jays this time of year, but I especially enjoy seeing the grouse braving the branches on occasion. My picture doesn’t do it justice, but that was my view. Thanks again for the challenge.


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