#SixSentenceStories; Fair

If you count the end marks in the following story you will see that it is six sentences, no more no less. Our host, Denise, says the word is ‘fair”. Join this fair band of merry writers. If you can count to six, are willing to add sentences if it’s called for or to subtract sentences if you’ve gone over, then you are ready for the cross curricular event known as the Six Sentence Story prompt.

Willing and Able by D. Avery

Though she tried to tough it out, tell him it was nothing, it would pass, both he and his wife had the grim sense that her sickness was something serious and he assured her that he would come up with the money required to get her medical attention. He was old enough to remember when someone like them could expect to have access to decent health care, to health insurance, but he didn’t waste time wondering at the myriad unfairness in the system, for he was also fiercely independent and proud, willing and able to solve his own problems. She finally acquiesced to his plan and the arrangements were made, with him making light of it, telling her he’d already given her his heart, he might as well sell an organ for her.

With the money from the sale of one of his kidneys he could now afford to have his wife seen by a doctor, to get a diagnosis and see what they could do.

“It’s not good, having gone so long untreated,” the doctor said, “but I understand you have the same blood type, so it’s possible you might save your wife by giving her one of your kidneys.”

Though they stung with tears he told her, “I only have eyes for you, my love.” 

36 thoughts on “#SixSentenceStories; Fair

  1. Ayiiee*

    At first I thought, like Doug, I’d developed a hardening of arteries (to the imagino-visual cortex)… then I tre-read your Six.
    (Am I being, somehow, petty and small if I don’t describe what I read this third time?)
    (Too bad.)
    Augusta Julia Jacobs would be proud.

    *compliment on a most excellent Six

    Liked by 1 person

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