Saddle Up Inspired SixSentenceStory

Held in Reserve

She looked not at her husband but at the snow dusted ground, thick and soft with decades of needles, nudged a pinecone with the toe of her worn boot.

“No, we’ll think of something, but not this.”

He again looked up at the great towering pine; so many board feet held in reserve, board feet that the mill had offered good money for, money they sorely needed if the children were to have any Christmas.

“New toys grow old quickly.”

“Children grow quickly too, they need Christmas memories,” he countered. 

“Yes, which is why we mustn’t cut this tree.” 

The photo comes from the Saddle Up Saloon, where Kid and Pal offer a picture prompt every fifth Monday. Out of Carrot Ranch habit this response is 99 words. Using the word “reserve”, it is also six sentences, no more no less, because further prompting comes from Denise, the indefatigable hostess of Six Sentence Stories. You are encouraged to take part in both prompts and if you haven’t been by the Saddle Up Saloon, you are missing something. You don’t need to reserve a spot at the bar but can reserve a place on the stage. Did you know that you could be a featured writer reading on the Saloon stage from the Author’s Chair? Contact me! I’ll set you up.

27 thoughts on “Saddle Up Inspired SixSentenceStory

  1. Beautiful, D. And look at you – 3 in 1, done and done 🙂
    Love the sentiment expressed. Discipline and thoughtful consideration rarely leaves a person without alternatives. I’ve a feeling those children have some pretty good Christmas memories already.

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  2. Two prompts, one invite. The Author’s Chair is where an audio as well as text of your writing is shared and then you answer questions and comments regarding the piece in the comments section of the post.

    Glad you liked this flash. She’s a great tree, that one.

    Liked by 1 person

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