CRLC Challenge; Cancelled Flight

At Carrot Ranch the November 25, 2021, prompt is to in 99 words (no more, no less) write about a canceled flight. Where was the flight headed? Who does it impact and why? How does a protagonist handle the situation? Go where the prompt leads! Respond by November 30, 2021.

Ice Up

After a mild lingering fall, winter came on fast. Maybe that’s why the loon stayed too long and had become trapped in a shrinking pool of open water. 

After skidding the canoe over the shore ice, she paddled close and threw a blanket. She bundled the anxious bird away to a larger lake that had enough open water left for the loon to run on the surface, wings flapping until it could lift off and take flight. 

Blinking, she watched the loon disappear into the gray sky, before returning to her small chilly home. Snow was in the air.

28 thoughts on “CRLC Challenge; Cancelled Flight

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    • This is not me, not memoir, just a flash. I do know of a loon rescue when one stayed too late on its pond, but that simply informs the fiction. I was going for an analogy of sorts with the small chilly house, but that is definitely not me. I do not feel trapped or chilled, I welcome winter warmly.

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