d’Verse Quadrille#140; Let’s Go To the Fair!

This week’s Quadrille host at d’Verse, the pub for poets, is Linda Lee Lyberg. A quadrille is d’Verse’s own creation, a 44 word poem exactly, excluding the title. The word today is Fair.

At the County Fair

Plaid shirted old men

harnessed in suspenders

lean forward, lurch 

with the lunge of muscled ponies pulling

stone boats in the raked dirt arena.

They mouth the simple words a pony knows.

Unweighted memories are skidded easily

to the jingling tune of a doubletree.

16 thoughts on “d’Verse Quadrille#140; Let’s Go To the Fair!

    • Thanks. Had I more than 44 words I’d have tried to describe the ponies and the teamsters at the pony pull, and I’m sure I would still fail to paint the picture. So I used my allotment of words to focus on the old men on the bleachers, men who had worked with ponies and horses in the farm fields and woods when they were younger. It’s true I spent at least as much time watching the people as the ponies my last time at the fair.

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