Saddle Up Saloon Double Ennead Challenge #10 #Ekphrastic Inspiration

Autumn Landscape

This one feels winter most
humble in fall winds
stands in craggy patience
boldly bare, exposed
no hubris leaves cling to rattle summer ghosts

No shelter for the one
stumbling ‘cross drab fields
‘fore winter’s snowy chill
so much still undone
Where’s the greening corn? What happened to the sun?

One might burn the other for a gift of heat
aware it will not last
Always there is cold
denying is conceit
One might end up lying at the other’s feet

The Double Ennead challenge from Saddle Up Saloon host Coleen Chesebro this month is also an ekphrastic challenge, based on Van Gogh’s painting, Autumn Landscape With Four Trees. Thank you Colleen for a fine challenge, though this poem goes over the 99 syllable limit by six. See the 99 syllable version and join the fun at the Saddle Up Saloon.

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