CRLC Challenge; Carry On

The Carrot Ranch November 11, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story using the phrase “carry on.” It can be an expression of perseverance or behaving in a particular way. It can even be luggage you take when traveling. Go where the prompt leads!

Walking Wounded

“I’m sorry Nick’s such a dumbass about your leg Ilene.”
“Don’t you apologize for him Marge. I can handle Nick.”
“I’ll say. You’ve had him believing everything from alligator, to bear attack to chainsaw juggling.”
“Ha! Always says, ‘Really?’”
“Just tell him you lost it in Iraq; that’d be believable and it’d shut him up.”
“That’d be a lie.”
“You lie every time he asks about your leg.”
“I’m not a veteran. I could never claim to be. It was hard enough living with one.”
“Yet another man!”
“Loved that one. But I couldn’t carry on. Too many battles.”

Present Company

“And look at her now, cougar with a cub scout. Hell, Ilene’s prosthetic is older than her boy toy, Lloy-duh.”
“Shut up Nard.”
“Marge, you’ve never asked about how I ended up with a below the knee prosthetic.”
“Figured if you wanted to tell me about it you would.”
“It’s kind of a funny story, actually.”
“You going to tell it?”
“No, it’s too tragic.”
“Cease mourning past loss. Walking now with present friends, You can also fly.”
Ilene teared up at Lloyd’s words. “Lloyd… that’s beautiful.”
And they carried on, drinking, laughing, and telling stories, but not all.

I am continuing to use prompts to add words to my flailing NaNoWriMo project. So here are 198 more (2 x 99) in response to Charli Mills’ weekly challenge. Don’t try and make sense of what I put out here, it is somewhat out of order. I am trying to make order behind the scenes with the scenes. But these do follow a recent 144 word d’Verse response, Bombarded,
which followed the October 14 CRLC Mud response.  

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