Friday Fictioneers Photoprompt

PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

This photo with the Venn diagram had me thinking about comparing and contrasting. The 100 words I present below aren’t a great standalone flash but I can’t shake these characters this month. Even as I try to thread together what I do know about Marge Small and her friends, I find I am learning even more about them. So thank you Rochelle for prompting 100 words for my daily grind.

Now and Venn

Neither Marge nor Ilene expected or even wanted to find a friend— especially one who appeared so different.

Two things they had in common were that they were cis-women who as a rule never had women friends. 

“We’re similar in that,” said Ilene. “And we both have always preferred the company of men.”

Marge almost snorted her beer, for while true, Ilene’s experience of keeping company with men was of another sort than hers. 

But Marge conceded the point, and added another. 

“We don’t have children.”

“I suppose we don’t.” Ilene grew quiet, slowly sipped her drink.

Something was different.

36 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers Photoprompt

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  2. Well, as a teaser your story works admirably. You’ve used one of your precious 100 words to specify that these are cis women. That’s as good as shouting out loud that at some point a trans character will appear. Into the intriguing picture of the two friends enjoying their beer you drop a pregnant pause about their lack of children. You’ve got me hooked!

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  3. I’m still having trouble wit the “cis” thing. I have to go look it up every time I see it. So I was born a girl, and I like being a girl. Does that make me a ciswoman? But I have close women friends, and I enjoy the company of men. So am I still cis?

    Well, anyway, the story is intriguing. I’m leaving with a strong sense that Ilene does want a child. And does that make her NOT-cis?

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    • Yep, pretty sure you’re cis-.I have trouble with all the definitions too! I am wondering now if it was worth labelling these two, and I may not at least not so bluntly in the larger project. It is gratifying to hear that the story intrigues. I have my work cut out for me.

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      • You surely do. Right down to using the right pronouns, which just cracks me up. As a former English teacher, I worked SO hard to teach kids which pronouns were which, and why. They didn’t want to learn it then 🙂

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  4. Very subtle emotions buried in this story, so well told. I also get confused by the terms sometimes but make an effort to learn and use them properly. Non-cis people have been hurt, killed, vilified and ostracized long enough.

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  5. Some circumstances can appear the same but occur for different reasons, which means they have nothing in common at all. I’m looking forward to finding out more of their similarities and differences.

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