The Stepmother Speaks

The following 99 word story is another riff on the Hansel and Gretel flashes I wrote in response to the “candy kitchen” prompt from Carrot Ranch. While it is where the prompt led, it does not feature a candy kitchen. But the stepmother wanted to be heard.


We’re both still so hungry but I don’t send him hunting in the woods. Not yet. 

I thought I had married a strong man, one who would provide for me, but look at him. He sits and stares, dumbly kneading the boy’s bag of white pebbles, sounding like rattling bones to my ear.  

‘They had to be sent away’ I remind him. ‘There isn’t enough.’

He saw their mother in their eyes, I know. And now they’re gone he still doesn’t look at me, for he’s seen me and knows I’ll never be enough.

We’re both still so hungry.   

15 thoughts on “The Stepmother Speaks

  1. Some step-parents get the raw end of things. Some deserving of their fate?
    I’ve had a some. So I can speak of the situation.
    Always feeling second… not all second or third romances are as sweet as the first.

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