CRLC Challenge; Candy Kitchen

The prompt from Carrot Ranch this week is to, in 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that features a candy kitchen. In addition to seaside saltwater taffy stores, Hansel and Gretel came to mind.

Taking It In

When the bread crumbs disappeared, Hansel and Gretel had no choice but to press on. And why follow a trail back to where they were unwanted? Hungering for a loving home, hungering for a mother, hungering also in their tight bellies, they were not wary when they found the candy house. Surely the smiling crone was kindly and sweet.

But the bone littered kitchen was the heart of this house. Hansel was a caged bird, his hungry heart drumming fear. 

Gretel saw it all. To this day she recalls that crone as she bakes bread for her own children.

You know what Gretel did, how she tricked the witch and finally pushed her into her own hot oven, saving Hansel from being baked and eaten.


Nibbling on candy in that greasy kitchen, they planned their next move.

“We can’t go back Gretel. She’s turned father against us.”

But Gretel, standing tall in the face of what she had done, told Hansel they would return. “We have food and treasures from the old crone. We’ll be let in.”

Even before seeing the treasure their father welcomed them back and begged their forgiveness. He told them their stepmother, sweating feverishly and gasping for breath, had died.

The children grew. Gretel became a strong and gentle woman, ever wary of what a person might be capable of.

Any genre will do. Go where the prompt leads! Respond by November 2, 2021.

7 thoughts on “CRLC Challenge; Candy Kitchen

  1. D, I was so tempted to go down the Hansel and Gretel path but I am glad I didn’t because both these pieces are far superior to what I had in mind.
    As a sidebar, it’s interesting how the evil step-mother trope has almost disappeared, only to be replaced with the evil step-father. 😉

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