#SixSentenceStory; Video

The living history museum, with its docents in period costume and its primitive houses and technologies, left the family in a reflective mood. 

“It’s hard to believe people lived like that Dad, I mean, it doesn’t seem like very much fun. And think about the health conditions!”

“That’s the way it was back then. We did keep some of their sustainable technologies, but much had to go if our species was to survive.”

They rode their bikes back to their modern community with its cool tree lined streets, its composting toilets and organic kitchen gardens, grateful to not have the debilitating video games and other electronics that had made living in the 21st century such a challenge.

The word from Denise, honorable host of Six Sentence Stories, is “video”. Use the word within six sentences, no more, no less. Write, read, comment, repeat.

26 thoughts on “#SixSentenceStory; Video

    • Thanks. Tech is addictive. Folks are getting flattened by their flat screens. My first thought For the prompt was to play on words, ‘veni, vidi, vici’; Videos are conquering us, laying waste, undermining intellect and health. But really, this was just a fun take on the prompt.

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  1. Love the “gentle” opener that leads the reader to that place of reflection.
    As adults we embrace new technology as we may need or want. It often feels the youth of this current generation appear more interested in looking at various size screens rather than the view outside the window, or the outdoors itself let alone other living people. I worry their engagement with the world is more with the technological one, than the living breathing one. *sigh*

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  2. Fun Six.

    I, for one, do not prefer pre-digital times, at least not in terms of this meed medium for writing.
    The fun and felici… facility provided by magic cubes and mystic screens…. sorry, keyp your peyote buttons, I stick to the virtual world.*

    fun post

    They call if the virtue-al world for a reason.

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  3. I think the road to human extinction will come from what John Sanford calls “genetic entropy”. Mutations lead to extinction not evolution. I do like the idea of composting toilets. I remember reading about them in the 1970s.

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  4. The more I reflect on the living conditions of those who have gone before me, the more I wonder how my own years of living are going to be seen by my descendants. This is a great SSS with a surprising ending. 🙂
    I remember reading about composting toilets back in the ’70s when we were reading a lot of articles/books about underground houses.

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