CRLC Challenge; Across the Water

Down East

When her husband left she was most concerned about retrieving the boat. 

She hasn’t run the boat for years now, has her groceries delivered dockside every other Thursday. Told Jeb she’d understand him being late because of rough weather, but if he ever showed up early or out of the blue she’d tan him. 

She’d be polite when he delivered, just; said ‘thank you’ then ‘have a good one’; his signal to go. Jeb didn’t even cut the engine.

Was Jeb of course that found her, sprawled on her rocky shores as if still looking beseechingly across the water.

The Carrot Ranch September 30, 2021, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that uses the phrase, “across the water.” It can be any body of water distant or close. Who (or what) is crossing the water and why? Go where the prompt leads! Respond by October 5, 2021.

18 thoughts on “CRLC Challenge; Across the Water

      • If you ever get around to it, I recommend you read the book first but both are excellent. Nonetheless you story stands alone just fine. Just my weird mind that habitually makes spontaneous connections on the flimsiest of notions. 🙂


    • I wonder what you like about the opening and am glad you do. With that and the title I meant to show that this woman lives alone on an island off the coast of Maine. With the last line I meant to show that maybe she had some regret or doubts as to how she had lived her insular life.

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      • I didn’t notice the title (!) but it wouldn’t have told me much as I’m not in the US.
        Your first line establishes her character and situation (situation in a general way) so succinctly and intrigues in that it’s a surprise response to a death. For the last line, it’s not as concrete as doubt for me, but she’s wondering, questioning herself, so we’re left the ambiguity.

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        • Yes there is some ambiguity, as there often is in a flash. I guess if I want to say more or make some points more clear or concrete I could expand this. Maybe I will.
          I sure do appreciate this expanded response. I learn a lot from you through your comments, book reviews, and your novels and short stories.

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