CRLC Challenge; Prom Dress


A June night. Prom night. ‘A Night to Remember’. “You’re beautiful,” he said.

An August evening. “I’ll do the right thing,” he said. “I’m working full time… we can live with my mom.”

A September morning. She would have been at college. It was a small wedding.  

The baby came in March. “He’s perfect,” he said. “He looks just like his father,” his mother said. 

Another August evening. He held the sleeping baby while watching baseball with his mother.

“I’m going out,” she said. 

“Home run!” they shouted, waking the baby. 

She left her prom dress and son behind. 

September 2, 2021, Carrot Ranch prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story to the theme, “not everyone fits a prom dress.” You can take inspiration from Ellis Delaney’s song, the photo, or any spark of imagination. Who doesn’t fit and why? What is the tone? You can set the genre. Go where the prompt leads! Respond by September 7, 2021.

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