SixSentenceStory; Train

It’s another Six Sentence Story. Thank you Denise for hosting this fun writing prompt. Jump on the “train” and add your Six to the mix.


His eyes were like a far off train whistle, a plaintive and familiar haunt. She told him how she’d always dreamed of going places, that one day she’d hop a train, would escape this town. He said he had something that would take her places faster than a speeding locomotive.

And the dropped spoon fell, clickety-clack, and the needle gleamed like a steel rail.

She traced the tracks on her arms and knew her dreams were derailed, wrecked. Stepping along the railroad ties, she walked only as far as the trestle bridge.

30 thoughts on “SixSentenceStory; Train

  1. Beautifully written, Ms Avery, a sad tale. The visuals of trains and railways works so well here. You wonder if the bridge at the end is the last stop for her, or if it might might lead into a crossing over of positive times.
    – Ford

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