CRLC Challenge & SixSentenceStory

I’m a little late, but not too late for this week’s Six Sentence Story. The prompt word is pawn, and I almost let the living chess idea go, but then the Carrot Ranch prompt to use the phrase “hit the road jack” was the extra impetus for the following six-sentence 99-word story. Thank you Denise, host of Six Sentence Stories, and Charli Mills, 99-word guru buckaroo.

Fair Game

Live chess, with human pieces; Roman had expected blunders but this, the pawns refusing to move, was beyond the pale.

“We serve no king!”

Except for the short-lived knights, everything was in gridlock, and though the opposition moved cautiously, it was over for the king’s court quite quickly.

Roman clambered down from the platform and stalked onto the chessboard to confront his pawns, only for them to tell him what he had already witnessed— they would not advance, even in their own defense.

Roman watched his white pawns turn and applaud the black queen’s demand.

“Hit the road Jack!”

28 thoughts on “CRLC Challenge & SixSentenceStory

  1. Clever and funny. I was never a chess player – too many moves to keep in my head – but I concede that a game with living pieces could be fun. If you could find anyone willing. 🙂

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  2. …”and don’cha come back, no more, no more, no more, no mo”*

    Is it me or are there some concepts that are stronger (or more forceful) when it comes to conjuring an
    image (‘aka creating a visual)… chess surely is one, if so,
    Pawns don’t get no respect1

    * complimentary ear-worm… **
    ** “woman, oh woman don’t yah treat me this a-way
    ’cause I’ll be back on my feet someday…”

    1)“I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio.
    (courtesy Rodney Dangerfield)

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