d’Verse MTB; Hopscotch with anapestic tetrameter

Björn is manning the pub for poets this evening and has challenged us to try our hands and feet at anapestic tetrameter. (Think Dr. Seuss or T’was the Night Before Christmas.) The pub is open. Go by d’Verse to visit and write with a fine bunch of poets.

We have marked hopscotch squares with our feet. Here’s a stone

to be tossed, should you dare, in soft measured manner.

You’ll be lost should your muse skip and leave you alone

on the track. Don’t look back! Tripping feet slip, stammer.

30 thoughts on “d’Verse MTB; Hopscotch with anapestic tetrameter

  1. Scary thought, “should your muse skip and leave you alone”! And then this phrase: “feet slip, stammer” — brilliant metaphor, that feet can stammer like words on the tongue. Wonderful use of hopscotch for the act of fashioning a metrical poem. 🙂

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  2. I haven’t played hopscotch since lockdown, Before that I played it most weeks with children at one of the infant schools where I volunteered. I hope to return sometime soon. Your poem reminded me how much fun hopscotch and playground rhymes are. I love the caesura in the first line, a little skip before the jump!

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    • Your comments remind me how important that sort of play is to beginning literacy, to growing poets. Think of all the rhyming for choosing teams, jumprope, red rover- the words are integral to the game and to the movement. And so I played with this form. Thank you!

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  3. I love this! I hadn’t thought about hopscotch in years until I saw some numbered squares chalked on the pathway in the park during my pandemic walks last spring. Glad to know kids still indulge. (K)

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