CRLC Challenge & SixSentenceStory

A two part response to the April 15, 2021, Carrot Ranch prompt: “In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that seeds generosity. Who is generous and why? Think of generosity as planting a future outcome. Go where the prompt leads!The second part is 99 words and six sentences for Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt, “walk”.

A Good Fit

“You’re very kind, but you don’t need to buy me clothes.”

“I expect reimbursement. I’m not that generous. But I saw these pants and thought they’d look good on you. Try them on.”

“They fit just like all my slacks— no slack. Ugh. Just break out the ice cream. I give up. I’ll be a size 14 forever.”

“That’s less than16. Plateaus happen. Besides, look at the tag— 12! You’re going down, Girl.”


She smiled, knowing that this “success” would motivate her friend in her weight loss efforts. It had been worth her effort in changing the tag.


“Forget the ice cream, it was too long a battle getting down to these size 12’s, I don’t want to lose ground; let’s go for a walk while you’re here.”

To her surprise, her friend set a faster pace than usual.

“You’ve got some real pep in your step today!”

“Be honest, do these pants make my ass look fast?” and she walked even faster, breaking a sweat. “Maybe I should buy them in another color.”

“Um, you know what, I am feeling generous after all and so in celebration of your success, the next pair is on me.” 

20 thoughts on “CRLC Challenge & SixSentenceStory

  1. lol
    Good Six*

    *hhmmm the idea of writing two views of the same scene… and letting them ‘stand’, as opposed to the fact that we all write multiple scenes on our way to finish edit… I know it’s been done in movies and in novels**
    Seems though, that this approach might increase our understanding of (our) characters… will have to think about it so more, Thanks, as always for suggesting a path towards furthering my writing

    **yeah, google takes all impressiveness out of eclectic knowledge***
    *** aka ‘Does well at Jeopardy’

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    • I see these as two sequential stand alones, one following the other. I could have enlisted Ilene and Marge but chose not to. I am done with this (these)
      But yes, one could and perhaps should now and again write different views and points of view for the same scene. That is where flash can be a powerful tool for reworking scenes and characterizations.
      Thanks Clark!


  2. It looks like she made some progress already from size 16 to 14. I’m not sure what these sizes mean, but it is good to keep a normal body weight. I mainly do it through diet and walking. Or at least that is what I think the cause is.

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    • Honestly, I kind of randomly picked these sizes for the story. Sizes mean nothing unless you ascribe meaning to them as she clearly has. But now that she believes she is continuing to lose weight she will, because she is motivated and energized.

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  3. I like this double SSS! Funny thing about sizing on women’s clothing. It seems to me that the more expensive the clothing is the smaller the size on the label, perhaps knowing that those trying them on will buy something that indicates they have lost some weight.

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  4. A good sequel, D. I’m not sure a smaller size would make me more motivated. I think I’d remain complacent. I hope she doesn’t go shopping for her own jeans – she’s in for a rude shock and her ass might look other than fast. Glad it worked for your character though. I wish it would work for me. 🙂

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